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What We Offer to Community Organizations


Your club or organization is breaking up into small factions that talk behind each other's backs. It seems that there is a power struggle at the top. Members are starting to leave. Things are no longer the way they used to be.

Your group could come together for a community building event. This is a meeting of all interested members in an open circle. Each person is asked in turn to speak personally about how he or she is being affected by what is going on. In this way, each member contributes to a community understanding of the problem affecting the organization, without passing judgment on any particular member. By having time to reflect, each person considers his or her part in what is going on and passes self judgment where appropriate. After the problem is uncovered in this way, each person is asked to contribute what he or she needs to see happen in order to put things right or what he or she can contribute to make things right. A consensus is then built, with the help of an experienced facilitator, on a plan of action.

The principles used in community building are similar to those of restorative justice. Community building creates a safe place where those present get to know each other on a much deeper personal level than everyday conversation. By each person taking responsibility for sharing in the discovery of the problem and in working out a solution, your organization itself gains a more open and relaxed atmosphere, where it becomes safe for you to be yourself and say what's on your mind without fear of repercussions or hidden comments.