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What We Offer to Couples

Is it a necessity that every couple go through Divorce Court to end a marriage or common-law relationship?  -- No! 

In fact, a good first step is to get some professional advice on whether mediation or conferencing could work for you in your unique situation, and what would happen if you took the route of Divorce Court.


Our Skills include: 


Ø     Guidance on
whether mediation will work for you

Ø     Mediation of
custody, divorce & estate disputes

Ø     Negotiation of separation

Ø     Group
conferencing of family conflicts

Ø     Restorative
Justice circles


Related Legal Services include: 


Ø     Uncontested

Ø     Real estate
purchases, sales & refinancing

Ø     Wills, powers of
attorney & estate administration


An Example:

You have tried everything you can think of to turn your marriage around, to at least be able to talk to each other without it always turning into an argument or worse. But the tension only seems to get worse. You are now worried about the children and are ready to give up.

You could start with something as simple as a divorce counseling session, either alone or together with your partner. This would give you the relief of being able to at least spell out the problems, explore possible options, and get advice on the legal consequences of any choices you might decide to make. Sometimes it helps to just have someone to talk to about what you are going through. Sometimes, in talking out loud, you can find your own truth and a stronger sense of clarity and

If you decide that separation is the best or only answer, you could ask for help in negotiating a separation agreement. You would be able to work together on this but at the same time have the option of obtaining separate independent legal advise while this was going on. For difficult issues where you seem far apart or where communication seems impossible, you would benefit from one or more mediation sessions to assist in having your needs listened to and understood in a safe and confidential setting. Most people are surprised at how quickly the level of misunderstanding and mistrust can be reduced, to at least form a working relationship.