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What We Offer to Businesses

We offer full legal services to businesses, including contract law, human resources, lease and real estate transactions. Beyond the standard legal services, we also specialize in facilitation and mediation services between management, staff, and employees.


What seemed to be a small incident has poisoned relations between two valued employees. The conflict is damaging not only their own productivity but now those they work with as well. You wonder what is really behind all this.

Many employment related grievances and even lawsuits are simply examples of bad communication. Your first reaction to any conflict related to your business should be to bring together those involved in and affected by the dispute, not keep them apart. A skilled mediator will meet with the parties individually and then bring them together in a joint session where they can openly and honestly exchange their feelings and points of view. If the conflict is more widespread, a conference of all involved or affected by the dispute should be called. A facilitator is careful to avoid the terms of right and wrong. Instead each opinion is given equal respect. By building trust, especially between employees and management, relationships are repaired and promoted. By involving those closest to the problem, the best resources available are employed to not only solve the immediate problem, but also to use the occasion as a springboard for generating creative growth for the future of your business. A skilled negotiator will show those involved how to turn the energy of the conflict from negative to positive growth.