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Meet Martin Prost

Martin ProstMy name is Martin Prost. I have over 40 years of experience as a lawyer. I certainly have the training, skills and experience to help you through the legal system. However, it is my personal and professional belief that many, if not most, problems and disputes can be better resolved through mediation, and conflict resolution and mediation. Though I had high hopes to accomplish a lot of good in my legal work, I feel I can do more good in supporting clients and their families in a more non-adversarial process.

Mediation and restorative justice can honour all parties and give each person the valuable opportunity to share the complicated nature of their lives, their relationships and their decisions, and to hear the same sharing from others. With time allowed for this type of sharing, it is often easier to reach an agreement, to feel heard, and to start some emotional healing.

People that have come in to see me are sometimes surprised that there can be some space to listen to their feelings, and that their feelings, beliefs and values are important in making their own decisions on whether to choose mediation or the court process. I believe that if I take the time to hear your personal story, I will be better able to help you, and we can develop some shared understanding about your case. Though dealing with a dispute is difficult on many levels, having felt heard and understood helps a person to heal a bit inside themself.

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