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About Us

Prost Associates has been providing legal services to the Midland/Penetanguishene area of Ontario for over 30 years. We provide excellent, affordable legal services, specializing in Family Law, Real Estate, and also wills and estates.  We offer trained mediators for family conferencing, mediation, and alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Although engaged in a general practice of law, Martin Prost's

Although engaged in a general practice of law, my preferred
and primary areas of practice for the past 15 years have been family law,
estates and real estate including both real estate transactions and related

Martin Prost founded this law firm in the Town of Midland in 1974,and has worked with several partners and associatees.  Over the last 15 years, his interest has gravitated to family law, real estate, and estate transactions and related litigation.  His interest and aptitude in conflict resolution skills began with a relational mediation course in California in 1981. He has continued to add to those skills through his work in mediation and additional professional courses in Alternative Dispute Resolution (University of Windsor) and Divorce and Child Custody Mediation (CDR Associates, Boulder, Colorado), plus recent courses in family mediation and arbitration.  A few years ago, he completed his Masters of Education through Mount St. Vincent University.

Those early courses led to an interest in family group conferencing and restorative justice circles, which are based on similar principles. In 1998, he brought together the local Family Court Judge, the Chief of Police, the school Attendance Officer, and other interested community members to establish the FACE restorative justice program (Huronia Restorative Justice Project), which is in its eleventh year of operation. This program provides young offenders, as well as adults, with an alternative to Criminal Court by meeting directly with the victims of their offending behaviour; this allows them to take personal responsibility for repairing the harm done, including restoring their own sense of self-worth and respect for others. More recently, he has been able to apply these same principles in the healing and renewal of a local church community, and through Family Circles. These processes have been well-received.  Midland Police Servicers has chosen FACE as its preferred program to divert criminal charges from court to a circle.

Martin continues as a member of the Conflict Resolution Network Canada, the Association for Conflict Resolution, and CBPartners, an international community building association. His personal belief is that conflict is a valuable resource that should never be taken away from those directly involved except as a last resort, and then only as a temporary measure. Situations that involve conflict should be welcomed as opportunities for growth and renewal for partners, families, organizations and communities alike.